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Step One

Get a RetroToken

Get a RetroToken to start. You’ll get exclusive access in the Discord, but you will also start earning 75 RTRO per day.

Step two

Get Collecting

To earning even more RTRO Grab some more items from one of our five large collections, available at Magic Eden.

Step three

Earn RetroBits

For each item in your wallet, you will start earning RTRO each week, automatically. It doesn’t get easier.

Step four

RetroBit Utility

Starting with the RetroShop, we will continue building amazing utility for RTRO now and into the future.

* retrotoken *


generates RetroBits

For every RetroToken you hold in your wallet, you will get 75 RetroBits per day. The amazing benefits of these RetroBits are outlined below.

Limited Supply

There are only 888 RetroTokens in existence. The value of these will increase as the benefits become more widely known. Get some while you can!


Starting with the RetroShop, we will continue building amazing utility for RTRO now and into the future.

Discord Benefits

RetroToken holders can get the Token Holder Discord role with access to special channels with exclusive giveaways, voting, games, and more.

* retrobits *

and utility

Total Supply

There are 100,000,000 $RTRO tokens (i.e. RetroBits) in circulation. There will never be more. $RTRO is burned when used as a currency for RetroTrades mints, making it a deflationary currency.


The only way to get RetroBits is by holding at least 1 RetroToken, Retrotendo, Bitbuster, or 10 PixelPal items. Every item generates weekly1 RetroBits automatically, depending on the item. For example, 10 RetroTokens generates 750 RetroBits per day!


We’re starting with the RetroShop, an online NFT market where you can buy & sell RetroTrades items with RTRO. We will continue building amazing utility for RTRO now and into the future.

1. The $RTRO airdrops happen manually, usually around 9am EST. If an airdrop is missed it will be doubled up the following day.